Modular Pool



Where can the Modular Pools be installed?

The versatile nature of the Modular concrete Pools system allows a pool to be designed and built to suit any location and requirement.

  • Fully In-Ground

  • Fully Above-Ground

  • Sloping Ground

  • Building Roof-Top

  • Overhang Slab/ Deck

  • Balconies

  • Building Mezzanine Floor

  • Building Basement

  • Partially In-Ground

  • Level Ground

Are there any restrictions to shape or size of a Mod – Com Pools?…

Again, the versatile nature of the Mod – Com Pools system allows almost any shape, size or depth pool to be constructed, from the smallest roof-top jacuzzi to an Olympic size or even lagoon style pool.

  •  Rectangular / Square ….Oval / Round ….Kidney ….Custom Design

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