Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Savings on Power

Heat pumps are a very effective and inexpensive method of heating your pool no matter what the size, all heat pumps draw approx 80% of their power from the atmosphere working on the ambient air temperature with makes them very cost effective they can both Heat or Cool a pool depending on your requirement. Heat & chill this unit is very inexpensive to run

Even on cloudy days, throughout the night, or when the temperature outside has hit zero, a Solarwise Heat Pump can be sized* to keep a pool at a desirable 28 degrees.

Commercial Models available as shown below


Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps draw 80% of their required power from the atmosphere and transfer the heat to your pool, maintaining a desired temperature.

This process is highly efficient, requiring minimal amounts of electrical input. Solarwise have the largest range of Heat Pumps available from 6kW up to 430kW. Solarwise also specialise in Hot Water Heat Pumps up to 75oC for Commercial applications.

*Freezing of coils will reduce the heating efficiency of the unit at low ambients – oversizing will be required*

Using a Solarwise Thermal Blanket in conjunction with the heat pump, you can reduce your running costs even further. Solarwise pumps feature titanium heat exchangers for resistance to chlorine and Stainless Steel casings for a long and rust free life. In comparison to other pumps, our pumps are proven to be 35% more efficient.

Poolworld Heat Pumps

At last a cost effective Swimming Pool Heat Pump with quality components.

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