Solar Heating



Enjoy your pool all year round & harnesses the sun’s natural energy to keep your pool at a comfortable and relaxing temperature all year round.




Absorber material is a black acrylic modified high molecular weight PVC Nitrile for longer absorber life with the following characteristics demonstrated by manufacturers test results and/or physical demonstration:
  • Tube diameter 8mm O.D.  6mm 1.D (Maximum tolerance + 10%)
  • Tube wall thickness – not less than 1mm with maximum tolerance + – 10%
  • Weight – not less than 2.4kg/per m2 of actual material
  • Carbon black content – not more than 3%
  • U-V aging – AS2433-1981 – 14 weeks accelerated aging showing
  • Tensile strength (mpa) less than 1% reduction & Elongation (%) less than 10% reduction 
 How does Solar Pool Heating how does it work?
 Water is continually pumped from your swimming pool into a system via tubular webbing fitted on the roof of your house. This can be achieved either by tapping into your existing pool pump or installing an alternate pump.
As the water flows through the webbing it is heated in two ways:
  •  Via direct radiation of the sun’s heat
  • From the heat transferred from your own roof
  • Coloured Solar Collector Available
The heated water then flows back into your pool.
Absorber is a strip absorber which is an extruded absorber embodying water passages
and separating strips where the strips are no wider than the water passages and hence provides 100% genuine collector area.

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