04th Nov 2019

Emperor 6m Surin

09th Jul 2019

Lap Pool 25m

Dimensions: 25m x 3.2m x 1.3m D Installed inc vat and equipment with 80 cm tiled surrounds...

09th Jun 2018

Above Ground Lap Pools

All sizes available Price includes: Pump, Filter, Cleaning equipment & Start Up Chemicals

25th Jun 2018

Water Slides

Slides available built with quality and good price.

30th Sep 2019
static swim belt complete set

Marathon Static Swim Belt complete set

30th Sep 2019
swim belt

Swim Belt (only)

11th Dec 2018

25m Lap Pool

Installed LAP POOL – 25m x 3.2m x 1.3m Deep We now have a huge range of Lap Pools available all can be installed inground or above ground backed by our famous 30...

13th Aug 2019

8m Centurion | Laem Mae Phim

17th Apr 2018

Ambassador Lap Pool Range

6m x 2.3m 1.3m / 8m x 2.3m x 1.3m / 10m x 2.3m x 1.3m / 12m x 2.3m x 1.3m / 15m x 2.3m x 1.3m / 20m x 2.3m x 1.3m / 24m x 2.3m x 1.3m

19th Apr 2018

Cleopatra Range

Dimensions: 4..5m x 2.3m x 1.3m      

17th Apr 2018

Above Ground Lap Pool

15m x 3.2m x 1.3m

17th Apr 2018

Above Ground Emperor

 Complete with Pump, Filter, and Cleaning equipment. Fibreglass pools are environmentally friendly, fast to install, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and use far fewer chemicals than any other in-ground pool. If you...

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