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English Contact: Bob Lennan
Mobile: 084336-5905
Email: swimspas@gmail.com

ไทย: Khun Piya  0805454199 | piyalak1980@gmail.com

Factory Address:
203 M. 6 T. Samnakthon Banchanng Banchang District, Rayong 21130
Map: http://map.digital/google7162

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We offer a fantastic range of Fiberglass Pools in many sizes PERFECT for many types of spaces at home, resort, schools and a lot more. We deliver and do the installation all over Thailand. 

Swimming pool quote

swimming pool quote

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We now have a huge range of  Lap Pools available all can be installed inground or above ground backed by our famous 30 Year Warranty. Restrictions due to transportation rules and regulations, some lap pools are moved in 2 piece and are joined in 1 on the site location. All lap pools built with steps and no steps available. Perfect for rooftops, hotels, guest houses, apartment blocks etc.

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What are the benefits of fiberglass pool?

Fibreglass pool is an environmentally friendly, fast to install, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and use far fewer chemicals than any other in-ground pool. If you love the idea of a swimming pool but are concerned about the cost of ownership or the hassle of taking care of a swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research and made it easy to compare a fibreglass pool to other in-ground swimming pools, which may help you decide that a fibreglass pool is affordable and ideal for your busy family.

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